Explaining that Laravel Image File Upload Vulnerability...
[InDepth#7] Content Security Policies are an incredibly powerful security feature built into the browser, and as it turns out, they are also pretty easy…
[Tip#33] We can easily restrict access to files on remote storage like S3, but what about local files?
[InDepth#9] One of the many awesome and completely underrated Laravel security features.
[InDepth#2] Let's dive into SQL Injection, learn how it works, and what we can do with it.
[Tip#1] - We're starting out with a simple but quite important tip, how to use a custom encryption key for encrypted casting within Models.
[InDepth#12] In November 2022, Steve McDougall published a tutorial called "Creating a Password Generator"... we're going to audit his code!
[Tip#25] Try saying that fast 3 times...
[Tip#7] Always pass user input through a validator to ensure you only get the data you're expecting.
From Insecure Design last week to Insecure Configuration this week!
[Tip#32] For times when one rate limit just won't do!
[Tip#31] These are my favourite simple security trick to let you know if someone is poking around in your stuff.