[Tip#36] Encoding/serialising data can be risky if you're not using the correct functions.

January 2023

[Tip#35] It's easy to make innocent changes to one part of your app and forget to check how that flows into other parts of your app
[Tip#34] In September, Laravel 9.32 added the ability to encrypt environment files... but do you need to use it?
[InDepth#12] In November 2022, Steve McDougall published a tutorial called "Creating a Password Generator"... we're going to audit his code!
[Tip#33] We can easily restrict access to files on remote storage like S3, but what about local files?

December 2022

[Tip#32] For times when one rate limit just won't do!
[Tip#31] These are my favourite simple security trick to let you know if someone is poking around in your stuff.
Our final entry in the OWASP Top 10 series - be aware of what your servers can access!

November 2022

You do have logging enabled, right?
It's a three-in-one for the third last entry into our OWASP Top 10 series!
Don't get confused with authorisation, we're talking authENTICation this week.
Keep your stuff updated!!